UNICEF assists countries in collecting and analyzing data in order to fill data gaps for monitoring the situation of children and women through its international household survey initiative the Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS).

Since the mid-1990s, the MICS has enabled many countries to produce statistically sound and internationally comparable estimates of a range of indicators in the areas of health, education, child protection and HIV/AIDS. MICS findings have been used extensively as a basis for policy decisions and programme interventions, and for the purpose of influencing public opinion on the situation of children and women around the world. For more information please visit

MICS 2018-19 Documents and Android/Web apps:

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F01.MICS Statistical Snapshot Sample & survey characteristics New
F02.MICS Statistical Snapshot Mass media, communications & internet New
F03.MICS Statistical Snapshot Child mortality New
F04.MICS Statistical Snapshot Fertility & family planning New
F05.MICS Statistical Snapshot Maternal Newborn Health New
F06.MICS Statistical Snapshot HIV-AIDS New
F07.MICS Statistical Snapshot Child health & care of illness New
F08.MICS Statistical Snapshot IYCF New
F09.MICS Statistical Snapshot Nutrition New
F10.MICS Statistical Snapshot ECD New
F11.MICS Statistical Snapshot Education New
F12.MICS Statistical Snapshot Early grade learning & parental involvement New
F13.MICS Statistical Snapshot Birth registration New
F14.MICS Statistical Snapshot Child discipline New
F15.MICS Statistical Snapshot Child labour New
F16.MICS Statistical Snapshot Child marriage New
F17.MICS Statistical Snapshot WASH New
F18.MICS Statistical Snapshot Child functioning New
F19.MICS Statistical Snapshot Adolescents New


Sindh MICS 2018-19 Final Report New

Survey Documents:

Progress and implementation
Third Party Monitors
Summary Monitors Suggestions Guidelines
Summary Monitors Log Sheet
Reading & Number Book F
Main Enumerators Training Progress Karachi and Sukkur
Survey Plan
Indicators and definitions
Minutes of 1st Steering Committee
Minutes of 2nd Steering Committee New
Minutes of 1st Technical Committee
Minutes of 2nd Technical Committee New


Individual Women
Men Questionnaire
Child Questionnaire (under five)
Child Questionnaire (5 to 17)
Water Quality Test Questionnaire


MICS Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS-5) 2014


Sindh Equity Profiles 2018
Sindh MICS 2014 Final Report
Sindh MICS Key Findings Report – 2014

Dissemination Material



MICS (Sindh) Household Questionnaire
MICS (Sindh) Individual Women Questionnaire
MICS (Sindh) Questionnaire for Children Under Five
MICS (Sindh) Questionnaire for Health Facility
MICS (Sindh) Water Quality Testing Questionnaire

Survey Documents:

MICS (Sindh) 2014 Survey Profile
MICS (Sindh) 2014 List of Indicators
3rd Steering Committee Working papers
Minutes of 3rd Steering Committee Meeting